Roof Vents

Natural ventilation allows air in and out from a roof cavity on your dwelling. This system does not require any power and uses the natural forces of both wind and pressure difference.

Whirlybirds are ontop of house roofs and extract air from roof cavities
Whirlybirds are ontop of house roofs and extract air from roof cavities

Do homes need whirlybirds

Yes all homes would benefit from having these installed. Natural airflow in your roof cavity can reduce house temperatures and mould issues. They are suitable 365 days a yr and you cannot hear them running.

Some homeowners choose to fit these by themselves and this can create some problems. Your safety is one and correct fitting is very important. Having vents fitted by a tradesman is essential to keep your house insurance valid.


What colours are available

The mill finish (silver) whirlybird does suit any roof and if your preference is for coloured birds they are available.

How long do they last for

They do now come with a 10 to 15 year warranty and can last beyond this time . Years gone by there was issues with the quality of the bearings used but since advancement all these inferior bearings have been fazed out and quality is now the norm.

Where should you have these fitted

The highest point of the roof is best . On metal roofs the birds are fitted below the ridge line, if a position lower down the roof is required then it is best to fit a flashing underneath the ridge line down to this position.  On tile roofs they can be fitted in any location as a tile or two can be removed and the whirlybird fitted in this place. Fibro roofs are a do not do. Governments building codes Have restrictions on drilling holes. Fit Wirlybirds away from solar panels

Removing air from high ceilings

High ceilings are way above the top of the windows and this air can be hard to remove. One way is have ceiling vents fitted and this air rises up into the roof cavity and out through your whirlybirds. Having a window open slightly can enhance this effect with natural circulation. Ceiling fans can help but this can move this air to other locations throughout the house. If this air is hot or smelly then you may not wish for this to be transferred to other rooms.

Can I buy whirlybirds and have them fitted

Yes you can. Be sure to do your research. There are many to choose from and this can confuse the homeowner if they have no knowledge with quality or quantity. Easiest way is to ring a tradesman and he will ask the area of your house and with this he can supply and install and this can be cost effective and time saving.

How much should I be paying

In a suburban area a tradesman approximate charge will be from $225 to supply and fit a silver bird. Coloured birds you can expect an extra $70. The outside suburban areas may attract a surcharge for time and distance traveled. A two story house you can expect an extra $50.

Where do I contact a local tradesman

Roof restoration companies in your area would be the right tradesman to contact